About DCZ Designs

Marek A. Dlouhy (pronounced LOW hee) is passionate about art and business. He loves pursuing both and exploring the intersections where these two paths cross. As an artist and founder of DCZ Designs he hand-sculpts nature-inspired jewelry containing hand carved wood, metal, natural stones and glass. Since 2005 he has been fine tuning his skills to produce remarkable, artistic jewelry that captures nature's wonder in every piece. He is a member of the Craftsman’s Guild of Mississippi and has won several awards for his designs and presentations. Exhibiting mostly at the Palace Market Frenchmen in New Orleans, LA, he also travels and sells at art shows throughout the United States and Europe.

Marek first became interested in the business side of art when he was with Ballet Magnificat in Jackson, MS. Marek has supported himself as a professional artist for 14 years now. He believes that being an artist doesn’t mean you have to take a vow of poverty or rely on donors to make a living. He loves helping people explore and discover their creativity and mentoring other creatives in learning how to manage the business side of the arts so they too can enjoy their art and making a living. He believes there is an artist in everyone. His desire is to encourage others to believe in their own creative potential and to make their dream/vision come true.

Marek is a native of the Czech Republic. Prior to establishing DCZ designs, Marek studied dance and graduated from the Dance Conservatory in Prague. He also pursued study of business at Belhaven University in Jackson, MS. While performing and touring with the Xaris Dance Company in Europe, he completed a dance role in the 2000 movie "A Knight's Tale" starring Heath Ledger. Afterwards, he continued performing in the United States with Ballet Magnificat and Ad Deum Dance Company. Joining the John Maxwell Team in September 2015 has been an exciting part of his personal and business growth development as he pursues artistic excellence.

Marek values personal growth and development, fitness and health of body and mind, creativity, adventure, collaboration and nurturing of relationships. He also believes in the art of discipline and authenticity. In his free time Marek loves to exercise, read, travel and meeting new people.